My mother and father would have retreats where they would drive to Sav-la-mar or  Negril one weekend out of the month so they can have some together time.  They would leave me at my Aunt Debbie’s house so I could chill with my cousin Greg, everyone called him Sticky, which was usually always cool with me.  I was usually syced because they lived in the suburbs with nice houses, cute uptown girls, nice cars, and more music than you could play in a lifetime.  My aunt Debbie, my momther’s older sister, married then divorced a music producer who worked alongside the great Coxone Dodd, Peter Tosh, Garnett Silk, and a bunch of other artists.  So needless to say they had more dough than us.  Sticky had to be the most precocious little kid you have ever laid eyes on.  I mean anything worth doing mischief wise he did it.  Getting caught smoking ganja in the house, having sex with girls in the house, hustling at school, at thirteen mind you and his greatest love: Stealing.  I mean this little boy really and truly loved to steal. 

                    But not small things like you and I, Sticky loved big licks or stupid licks as I would call them.  That's why I loved going over there she actually thought I was helping her son out but really I was hindering him because I loved the same things as well.  It would be Sticky who I would go to the Scaredem Crew, Beenie Man, and Bounty Killer shows, sound clashes and things like that with.  We would always drink more than our fair share of guiness and catch a couple chicks in the process and basically just vibe out all night.  These are the times that I loved, dances at Hellshire beach, festival and fish in the morning, I’d sell my soul just to be a kid again. I didn't know then but realize now how back then I used to want to grow up so bad, if i would have known all that growing up entailed I wouldn’t have even had those thoughts.   I now kinda understand the Peter Pan theory of wanting to stay a boy forever but fuck all that.


This particular weekend was wicked because sumfest was coming up so every other day was a show.  Mummy said her and daddy were doing their weekend and this weekend Coppa, Isis, Sticky and I were all going out to a flex friday night.  For some reason I was especially ready for them to go because tonight big tings a gwaan and I wanted to get started as soon as possible.  I have some money to pick up later before the show that I won off dominos and I wanted to stop by this girl Melanie that I have been checking for like two months now.  Melanie was like my kryptonite if I was Superman.  At fouteen, she stood about four feet five inches tall with hazel eyes, beautiful hair, and the most important thing her beautiful eye catching B which looked like C cups.  I can't tell you how long I stared at her breats the first time I met her, but it was long, embarassingly long.  Its just her complexion was the most compelling bronze I have ever seen in my young life.  In addition to that  she had the most breath taking  smile and eyes, she was like a lethal triple threat.  I met her at the beach and I swear I wanted to squeeze her breasts like the trigga of gun straight , jah know.

          When we got to the clash it was packed with bikes and cars everywhere, hot gal crews wid the most revealing clothes possible in groups surounding the big money shottas.  Higglers selling drinks, food, ganja, air horns, lightas, and you can hear the music for miles.  The speakers surrounding the open air dance seemed to be extremely massive at that age and we used to post up like right in front of them too.  Blaring new Spragga Benz, Bounty killer, Merciless, General Degree, and Capleton that would have us loosin our minds.   Busting the bottles on the speakers bottles, blowing our own joints and basically just havin fun.  Melanie was supposed to meet me over by the speakers next  to the stage and I couldn’t wait to see her.  Isis already had a wicked looking girl that he was whispering to in her ear, and posing like a bad bwoy wid da very end of da spliff in his mouth.  So it was just really myself, Coppa and Sticky just kind of trippin out laughin and buggin out over the new tunes.  Then I saw Mel and her click coming over and I swear it felt like slow motion.  Silence in chaos was the only way to describe it.  Killamanjoro was playing dub plates of tunes on some new riddims we havent even heard yet.  Bodyguard was the sound they were clashing  had some alright dubplates but it was more old school which was cool, just not cool to us.  “Yo Jaro a mashup bodyguard yuh nuh king, said Coppa.  You see Melanie and her people over deh a watch we hard. Long time mi want di friend Collen, yuh nuh, but sometimes she gwan too stush fi me.”

I was like, “Nuh worry bout that Coppa cah after  a next spliff and two more Red Stripe yuh nah go remember stush, yuh a go just try find the bush,” we all busted out laughing hysterically.  “The other friend look sweet to,” said sticky so it look like mi nuh haffi chase nuh half dead gal tonight.”  So everybody seemed to know their roles and responsibilities so from this point everybody just have to hold their own but the odds are definitely in our favor.  I’ve been kinda corner eyeing Melanie watching her dance but trying to not make it obvious so her or her little ratpack of friends don’t think I’m sweating her, which was becoming difficult to say the least.

          She had a white halter top outfit wit a white headband wrapped around her hear accentuating those eyes and spanking new white airforce one lows to match I had to bite my hand.  Worse than that she just walked over to me and just started smiling then just started grinding on me I was lovin that shit.  Plus the two other chicks ended up wit dancing wit my boyz, just as we planned, wow can this night get any better?  About  twenty minutes later the soundman was tellin us that Bounty Killer still hasn't arrived yet.  Now this is a problem, he’s the main attraction and nobody is going to stand for this. All of a sudden I hear some youte shout  “You a pussyhole” extremely loud, and then I saw these two guys by Isis so I touched the crew and by the time I did that one of the youtes punched Isis right in the jaw, it was on!  Coppa and I dove in to tackle both of them almost like a simultaneous reaction, and sticky was right on top of us.  I began bashing this boys head on the side of the speaker,  then Isis began kicking his opponent in the forehead.  Coppa had the other guy rolling around then like five shots went of from what sounded like a six shot. You know with that deafening sound that only a revolver could make and everybody starts to scatter I grabbed Mel and got the rest of the crew was right behind me with her friends.   It was like a stampede when six more went off  hitting one woman which caused everyone to stop partying now, and everybody was trying to get as far away as possible.  Damn, Party done!